A moving debut novel about a family's emotional struggles after the father becomes ill--and the healing power of love and hope.

Karen and Mike Donnelly were a happy, normal married couple with a teenaged daughter. Then Mike, a firefighter, is stricken with multiple sclerosis, and as his health begins to deteriorate, so does the family. Quitting her job to become Mike's caretaker, Karen is both overwhelmed and devastated, especially when their daughter Lori falls into destructive behavior, adding to Karen's burden.

Seeking comfort and relief, Karen moves them to her family's old summer house on Long Island. She reflects on the comfort of her happier past, and when a mysterious stranger with a special gift comes into her life, Karen finally feels hopeful about the future.

Vividly told and emotionally complex, The Healing raises universal questions about love, identity, loss and forgiveness.

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A rich, poignant eBook original about two people's struggles to overcome their demons and find happiness and love.

All dancer Niki Katona wants in life is true love with a good man.

But when she finds her fiance with another woman, she's ready to resign herself to a life alone...until she meets paramedic Dylan Clarke.


Niki falls for Dylan when she sees him jump into life-saving action to treat a man having a heart attack. But both Dylan and Niki have their own demons. Together they work towards realizing their dreams and passions, but soon fall into old patterns. The only thing that will pull them through is finding their own self-worth through their love for one another.

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